Three Thing Friday

While my crafty world will be at the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival (aka RHINEBECK!) in a week, I’ll be at home, wondering why once again I let my shyness and general frugality get in the way of attending this great event. As I always say around this time, “Maybe I’ll go next year!”

  1. To console myself this time around, I’ll be making this: Sheep!
(c) Susan B. Anderson

(c) Susan B. Anderson

I just hope it’s not too fiddly assembling all the body parts. (This is why I generally steer clear of amigurumi: I detest sewing.)

2. Maybe I’ll try to find a small child to read to:

(c) Scholastic

(c) Scholastic

Charlie Needs a Cloak was one of my favorite books to read during library preschool storytimes — and this was way before I was bitten by the weaving bug. Tomie dePaola is a fine children’s book author and illustrator, and if you’ve never read one of his books, this would make a fine introduction to his work– as well as an ace holiday gift for anyone sheepy in your life.

3. I’ll likely also be taking more pictures of my cat’s posterior for my “Catt Butt 2016” Facebook posts. This election. Oh, this election. If I don’t continue to keep things light and frothy in my world, this election is going to get the best of me. (I think I’m the only one amused by this, but so be it.)

Our Purr has always been "big boned."

Our Purr has always been “big boned.”


I hope you also find lots of lightness, humor, good books to read, and worthy crafts to craft to carry you through next week.

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