Slaying Crafty Dragons

The Craftsy T-shirt, she is finished, and soon I’ll find out how it compared to shirts transformed by instructors in other crafts — sewing, quilting, and the like. The only loosy-goosy rule was to take the shirt and play with it, using the craft you teach on Craftsy. I’m eager to see what other folks did. (That might be fodder for a future blog post.)

The first thing I did before attaching the flowers to my shirt was to complete the large bloom given me by my sister-in-law Candace. She said that the pattern had come from Lucy at Attic24, so I googled to discover that it was the beginnings of the Happy Flower.


Lucky for me, I have a whole Ikea bin dedicated to dishcloth cotton!


I used Lucy’s easy-to-follow instructions and quickly completed the flower. (It is so very happy!)


And, after a quick blocking, the entire Happy Flower, stem, leaves, and all, was ready for the T-shirt.

I think you’ll agree that it’s the star of the show.


I scattered the rest of the flowers willy-nilly across the front of the shirt, trying to make sure that the colors were evenly distributed.

B.A.’s orange flowers augment the new Craftsy logo.


Amy G’s button flowers were also a great addition. (One appears on the lower right of the picture above.)

And here it is: My shirt, in all its dubious glory.


I attached the flowers using craft glue. My big discovery is that craft glue is prone to seepage: the front and back of my T-shirt got stuck together, and I  had to very gingerly ease them back apart before hanging the shirt up.


And there you have it: One dragon slain. Thanks to all who contributed flowers and suggestions to this project.

Another dragon I’m getting ready to battle is the sewing machine. I had a miserable experience in a junior high home ec class featuring an apron and some very crooked seams. (I got a generous B- on it.) I was scared of the machine, and intimidated by the whole process, and hadn’t touched a machine since. Until last week.

I’ve decided that this is the winter I’ll get over my irrational fear of sewing. I’ve picked up an inexpensive machine at a local shop and will be taking some lessons there and elsewhere. I’m not really sure what I want to do with it, apart from mending, hemming, and perhaps sewing together strips for a rag rug that I’ve always wanted to make. The main goal is to get over myself, already.

I’ve also signed up for this Craftsy class to guide me through the process of using a sewing pattern. Pajama pants! What could go wrong?

There’s a third dragon, too — an omnipresent dragon. His name is Purr. Whenever and wherever I settle myself to knit or crochet, there be Purry. (Picture taken just this morning.)


This is one dragon, though, that I don’t wish to slay. (The pattern is Grille by Anne Hanson. I love her clear writing style and straightforward designs!)

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