A Couple of Sales

Just a quick post today to share a few sales that I hope you’ll take advantage of. Mark your calendars!

Sale 1: All Craftsy Classes Are $20! (October 28 – October 31)
From today through Monday, Craftsy is running a very special sale on its swanky new web site: Get any class for US$20. For most classes, this means a cool 50% off enrollment, but for some classes, you’ll save even more.


Using my affiliate link to explore the new web site and to purchase classes will help me earn a little something while you’re saving a lot.

I’ve got my eye on Jacques Torres’ Ultimate Box of Chocolates.

Mmmm … chocolate.

(It could be just because Halloween is approaching, with its promise of leftover chocolate to munch on the following day, that’s making me think of chocolate even more than usual.)

Sale 2: 52% Off My Ravelry Patterns (November 1 and 2)
On November 1 I’ll a whopping 52. What better way to numb the pain celebrate than to offer 52% off all my Ravelry patterns from November 1 through the end of day November 2?

It’s better than stuffing my feelings with stale Halloween candy, anyway.

Just hop over to my pattern store and see if anything catches your fancy. If 52% seems like a strange number, well ….

Whatever. Happy Craftsy! Happy Halloween! And happy birthday to me!


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Betcha Can’t Stop at Just One

Turns out these Simple Five flowers are highly addictive.


Good thing they’re fat free.

I’m running out of viable scraps to use for these flowers, so may have to hit up some friends for some of their leftovers.

Want to send me a flower or two for me to include in my Craftsy Instructor Challenge? Read this post and play along with me!

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Flower Power: Want to Play With Me?

Night before last, as I was laying awake trying to sleep (Aging. Ugh.), I started thinking more about the Craftsy Instructor Challenge I mentioned in my previous blog post. I got to wondering if some of you might like to crochet a flower or two to incorporate onto the 4XL T-shirt I’m being sent, too.

In a nutshell, Craftsy has challenged its instructors to use their particular craft to transform or embellish a humongous T-shirt. I thought this would make a fun project for my Crochet Club at Shall We Knit?, so said I’d play.

Here’s the shirt the fine folks at Craftsy are going to send me.

Note the new logo. Have you been to the web site lately? It's been completely redesigned!

Here’s the simple flower I’m going to teach my Crochet Club to make next month so that we can decorate the T-shirt. (The flower, Simple Five, is from Suzann Thompson’s excellent book, Crochet Bouquet.)


I’m going to use up some of my smallest sock yarn scraps to make a bunch more of these before our Crochet Club meeting on Thursday, November 17. (I’ve been using a 3.5 mm hook for my simple beauties, and have discovered that three flowers take under 2 grams of yarn.)

They’re a bit like potato chips. I can’t stop making them. I may need help.

So, do you want to help me transform this plain T-shirt into something really over the top? Find a simple pattern for a crocheted flower, make one, and send it to me at the address below.

What to Make: One (or more) crocheted flowers, in any weight yarn, and in any color, using any pattern you like. Think wild!

Deadline: I know this is pretty short notice, but if you want to play with us on this project, please have your flower to me by Friday, November 18.

Where to Send Your Flower
Beth Graham
c/o Shall We Knit?
11 Willow Street
Waterloo, ON
N2J 1V6

Online Flower Patterns
Many basic learn-to-crochet books include at least one pattern for a flower. Here are a few quick online pattern ideas, though, if you can’t tear yourself away from the computer to look in a book:

10 More Beautiful and Free Crochet Flower Patterns

40 crochet flowers and what to do with them

Thanks so much for considering this. The idea of showing Craftsy what we crocheters are capable of amuses me to no end.

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An Extra-Large Gauntlet

The Craftsy Instructor Liaisons like to provide amusement for us teachers every now and then. Yesterday, in the Craftsy Instructors Facebook group, they threw down the gauntlet.

It’s an extra-large gauntlet.

Make that a 4XL gauntlet.

Here’s our challenge: Take one or more of these weawy, weawy wawge* Craftsy T-shirts left over from an event earlier this year and transform them, using all our crafty — heh — wiles, into something a bit more spectacular.

Note the new logo. Have you been to the web site lately? It's been completely redesigned!

4XL T-shirts awaiting transformation. Note the new logo. (Have you been to the web site lately? It’s been completely redesigned, too!)

Not being a greedy sort, I’ve signed up to take just one. My Crochet Club is going to have at it next month, embellishing it with all sorts of flowers and leaves. (I’ve got a copy of Crochet Bouquet that we’re going glean patterns from.) One club member had a thought that we could chain a length of yarn and use it to create an empire waist of sorts, making the thing into a tunic, perhaps.

Will it be lovely? Time will tell. It’ll certainly be some sort of spectacle. If you have ideas for interesting flowers or leaves we could include, tell me about them in the comments. The more the merrier!

* This is how Gilda Radner’s Baba Wawa character describes what happens to the pwesident during the “Two Mile Island” incident in SNL’s “The Pepsi Syndrome.”

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Three Thing Friday

While my crafty world will be at the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival (aka RHINEBECK!) in a week, I’ll be at home, wondering why once again I let my shyness and general frugality get in the way of attending this great event. As I always say around this time, “Maybe I’ll go next year!”

  1. To console myself this time around, I’ll be making this: Sheep!
(c) Susan B. Anderson

(c) Susan B. Anderson

I just hope it’s not too fiddly assembling all the body parts. (This is why I generally steer clear of amigurumi: I detest sewing.)

2. Maybe I’ll try to find a small child to read to:

(c) Scholastic

(c) Scholastic

Charlie Needs a Cloak was one of my favorite books to read during library preschool storytimes — and this was way before I was bitten by the weaving bug. Tomie dePaola is a fine children’s book author and illustrator, and if you’ve never read one of his books, this would make a fine introduction to his work– as well as an ace holiday gift for anyone sheepy in your life.

3. I’ll likely also be taking more pictures of my cat’s posterior for my “Catt Butt 2016” Facebook posts. This election. Oh, this election. If I don’t continue to keep things light and frothy in my world, this election is going to get the best of me. (I think I’m the only one amused by this, but so be it.)

Our Purr has always been "big boned."

Our Purr has always been “big boned.”


I hope you also find lots of lightness, humor, good books to read, and worthy crafts to craft to carry you through next week.

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