Great Vacation Finds — And a Tease

Aside from eating (chocolate! beer! fries!) and visiting museums, what I enjoy most about travelling is wandering around making random discoveries. Here are some of those — and a few other things I loved during my recent trip to England and Belgium.

In Stratford-upon-Avon, I had lots of time to walk around while my husband was attending the World Shakespeare Congress. Here’s what greeted me at the gate of Holy Trinity Church, where I went to visit Shakespeare’s grave and take in a noontime organ recital:

Well played, Church of England; well played.

Well played, Church of England; well played.

I met up with one of my best friends in London for a weekend while my husband was finishing up his conference. Sara and I had great fun peeking at old undies at the Victoria and Albert Museum’s special exhibit, Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear. While most of the “fashion” seemed pretty constricting, I was intrigued by some of the undergarments for perking up sagging posteriors. Hmm ….

At the start of our visit together, though, we went to Loop, where some lovelies, including this beautiful wooden needle gauge, popped into my bag for my collection:

Two Needle Gauges

I also found a vintage needle gauge for my collection in a Stratford antique shop.

Then it was on to Brussels, where I saw this crocheted yarn bomb in a small square near our hotel:


We were a week or so too early for the annual flower carpet in the Grand Place, though we saw workers starting to plot out the rectangular space for it:


Getting back to the crochet content, in Ghent I found these two additions to my Tunisian crochet hook collection:

Tunisian Hook Finds

Check out the tiny 2.0 mm hook! Does anyone out there know why a person would need a Tunisian crochet hook that small? For making really firm fabric with laceweight yarn, perhaps?

And then it was on to Bruges, where I waxed rhapsodic here last week about the good things of life. Here’s a picture of the fantastic artwork in our room at the Hotel Patritius:


Wait. Let me zoom in so you can enjoy the fun of whimsical art in an otherwise classically decorated European hotel room:


Finally, here’s a bit of a tease for some friends who could be reading this post. I found the best secondhand store I’ve been to in a long time just up from our hotel, Madam Mim (link goes to the shop’s Facebook page).

Madam Mim (2)

Buttons, and bobbins, and lace: Oh my!


Guess what’s inside the package…! (Gratuitous inclusion of box of chocolate from my favorite Bruges shop, Chocolates & Happiness, which may just be shared with the recipients of the contents of the little paper package. Yum!)

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