Flower Power: Want to Play With Me?

Night before last, as I was laying awake trying to sleep (Aging. Ugh.), I started thinking more about the Craftsy Instructor Challenge I mentioned in my previous blog post. I got to wondering if some of you might like to crochet a flower or two to incorporate onto the 4XL T-shirt I’m being sent, too.

In a nutshell, Craftsy has challenged its instructors to use their particular craft to transform or embellish a humongous T-shirt. I thought this would make a fun project for my Crochet Club at Shall We Knit?, so said I’d play.

Here’s the shirt the fine folks at Craftsy are going to send me.

Note the new logo. Have you been to the web site lately? It's been completely redesigned!

Here’s the simple flower I’m going to teach my Crochet Club to make next month so that we can decorate the T-shirt. (The flower, Simple Five, is from Suzann Thompson’s excellent book, Crochet Bouquet.)


I’m going to use up some of my smallest sock yarn scraps to make a bunch more of these before our Crochet Club meeting on Thursday, November 17. (I’ve been using a 3.5 mm hook for my simple beauties, and have discovered that three flowers take under 2 grams of yarn.)

They’re a bit like potato chips. I can’t stop making them. I may need help.

So, do you want to help me transform this plain T-shirt into something really over the top? Find a simple pattern for a crocheted flower, make one, and send it to me at the address below.

What to Make: One (or more) crocheted flowers, in any weight yarn, and in any color, using any pattern you like. Think wild!

Deadline: I know this is pretty short notice, but if you want to play with us on this project, please have your flower to me by Friday, November 18.

Where to Send Your Flower
Beth Graham
c/o Shall We Knit?
11 Willow Street
Waterloo, ON
N2J 1V6

Online Flower Patterns
Many basic learn-to-crochet books include at least one pattern for a flower. Here are a few quick online pattern ideas, though, if you can’t tear yourself away from the computer to look in a book:

10 More Beautiful and Free Crochet Flower Patterns

40 crochet flowers and what to do with them

Thanks so much for considering this. The idea of showing Craftsy what we crocheters are capable of amuses me to no end.

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  1. I’ll do a few up! I think it will look amazing!

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