“Finish one job before you start another!”

The unfailingly chipper Joe

The unfailingly chipper Joe. Who asked for his advice, anyway?

Every now and then, the admonition¬†of the construction foreman from Tonka Construction, one of my son’s first computer games, starts playing in an endless loop in my head:*

“Finish one job before you start another!”

Sometimes I try to do too many things at once and end up feeling dissatisfied with everything; anxious about everything. This is one of those times. I’m at a lull in crochet design and bothered that I haven’t come up with my next big project. Meanwhile, I’ve been knitting socks, weaving scarves, and crocheting small squares for my latest Bandwagon Blanket — starting endless small projects — and feeling that everything is stale.

I’m not sure what the answer is. A good friend says I should just take it easy, and that I’ll get inspiration while doing something — anything — else. Read books! Bake Christmas cookies! Take walks in the wintry weather! Any and all of these things, according to my friend, will eventually help me get my mojo back.

My mojo could just be buried beneath a snow drift. It is that time of year.

I’m fighting the urge to just start new things for the sake of having something to do — and then failing to follow through. That’s generally my M.O. when I get cranky with life, but it usually just results in increased crabbiness. Instead, I’ll continue trying to take it easy, engaging in low-stress activities that make me feel good and, most importantly, finishing one job before I start another.

Or maybe I’ll just tell my inner foreman to shut up.

* Can you believe there’s even a wiki for Tonka fans?!

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2 Responses to “Finish one job before you start another!”

  1. Sara W says:

    I am also trying to finish some things up. Partly because I know I am going to leap into a couple of big projects as soon as I can, but mostly because there is this wonderfully artificial deadline looming – the end of the year. And I am using it to motivate myself to finish some things. Finishing generally is something I sometimes struggle with, that is if it is the sewing up bit. So I have a tee that is done and just needs one under sleeve grafting (I did the other months back) and some ends sewing in. But there I have a great excuse cos, let’s face it, it isn’t t-shirt weather. And I need to cast off the neck and graft the sleeves and again sew the ends in for a lopi jumper that has the earlier deadline of the 25th. And I am now of the downhill slope for the edging for my lace Mahy shawl, with just 15 repeats to go. All eminently do-able. But then why do I have this sock pattern left open on my tablet that keeps calling to me. Do I really want to add another WIP deadline for this year???

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