An Extra-Large Gauntlet

The Craftsy Instructor Liaisons like to provide amusement for us teachers every now and then. Yesterday, in the Craftsy Instructors Facebook group, they threw down the gauntlet.

It’s an extra-large gauntlet.

Make that a 4XL gauntlet.

Here’s our challenge: Take one or more of these weawy, weawy wawge* Craftsy T-shirts left over from an event earlier this year and transform them, using all our crafty — heh — wiles, into something a bit more spectacular.

Note the new logo. Have you been to the web site lately? It's been completely redesigned!

4XL T-shirts awaiting transformation. Note the new logo. (Have you been to the web site lately? It’s been completely redesigned, too!)

Not being a greedy sort, I’ve signed up to take just one. My Crochet Club is going to have at it next month, embellishing it with all sorts of flowers and leaves. (I’ve got a copy of Crochet Bouquet that we’re going glean patterns from.) One club member had a thought that we could chain a length of yarn and use it to create an empire waist of sorts, making the thing into a tunic, perhaps.

Will it be lovely? Time will tell. It’ll certainly be some sort of spectacle. If you have ideas for interesting flowers or leaves we could include, tell me about them in the comments. The more the merrier!

* This is how Gilda Radner’s Baba Wawa character describes what happens to the pwesident during the “Two Mile Island” incident in SNL’s “The Pepsi Syndrome.”

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